The Wandering Table | Wandering Table Libations
This is a key element to our foods. It is something we strive for in the pursuit of perfection. Always questioning what we can take away to let our products show for themselves. What can we do to simplify the products to produce them in an honest way that let’s them be the best they can be.
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Hand Crafted Cocktails





Kendall Yards Pendleton, Campari, Bitters, Barrel Aged $8

Garland Rye, Amaro, Maraschino, Dry Vermouth, Campari, Orange Bitters $8

Summit Barrel Aged Gin, Amaro, Soda, Lime, Cranberry $8

Riverside Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Campari $8

Airway Heights Bourbon, Amaro, Aperol, Lemon $8

Hangman’s Scotch, Blanc Vermouth, Aquavit, Orange Brandy, Pepper, Soda $8

Lincoln Heights Rye, Dry Vermouth, Amaro, Cucumber $8

University Jameson, St. Germain, Grapefruit, Soda $9

South Hill Bourbon, Pimm’s Elderflower and Blackberry, Cherry Puree, Soda $9

Cannon Bourbon, Barenjager, Habanero, Lemon $8

Manito Barrel Aged (w/ Vanilla Bean) Dry Fly 101 Bourbon, Strawberry, Lemon $9

The Valley Cherry Bourbon, Blood Orange Liqueur, Lemon $8





Old Fashioned Bourbon, Liqueur, Bruleed Orange, Barrel Aged $9

Manhattan Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters $8

Gin & Tonic Botanical Gin, House Tonic, Lime $7

Sazerac Rye, Absinthe, Peychaud’s $9

Moscow Mule Vodka, Lime, Ginger Beer $8

Hemingway Rum, Grapefruit and Maraschino Liqueurs, Lime $9

Old Cuban Aged Rum, WT Citrus Blend, Ginger Beer $9

*Whiskey Sour WT Citrus Blend, 4 Roses Bourbon $7 with egg $8

*Pisco Sour Pisco, WT Citrus Blend, Egg White, Bitters, Cinnamon $8

Daily Punch Rotating Fruit based recipe, serves two to four $16




Draft $6

Four Rotating Locals



St. Pauli Girl N/A Beer $4

Cock&Bull Ginger Beer $3

Virgil’s Orange Cream $3

Virgil’s Black Cherry $3

Virgil’s Dr. Better $3

Coca-Cola Products $3




Non-Alcoholic Cocktails  


Cali Mojo Refrescos Grape Juice, Lime, Coke $6

Creamcicle Egg White, Lemon, Orange Soda $6

Shirley Collins Cherry Puree, Sour, Sprite $6

Tokyo Sakurambou Ginger Beer, Cherry Soda, Orange Bitters $6