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Wandering Table

 Photos by Molly Patterson

  • Sweat Potato Sorbet

    Sweat Potato Sorbet

    Dirty Candy. Carrot. Parsnip. Yam Ice Cream.

  • Lardo


    Uni. Grilled Bread. Homemade Butter.

  • Pork Terrine

    Pork Terrine

    Chicharone. Hazelnuts. Proscuitto. Apple.

  • Popped Corn

    Popped Corn

    Goat Cheese. Sea Salt. Smoked Pepper.

  • Pickled Peppers

    Pickled Peppers

    Octopus. Pork Croutons. Chorizon. Almonds.

  • Uni Tartar Sauce

    Uni Tartar Sauce

    Beer Batter. Cod. Pommes.

  • Dirty Truffles

    Dirty Truffles

    Cocoa. Coffee.

  • Apple Salad

    Apple Salad

    Raw Squash. Reggiano. Greens. Chestnut.

  • Braised Short Rib

    Braised Short Rib

    Onion. Soft Egg. Rice. Hoisin.

  • Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Milk Sorbet. Warm.

  • Pardon Pepper Chips

    Pardon Pepper Chips

    Cream Cheese. Honey. Pickled Peppers.

  • Blood Orange Sorbet

    Blood Orange Sorbet