The Wandering Table | About Us
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About Us

about the wandering table


We are constantly searching, foraging, and learning. This is part of being human and growing as chefs, and what’s vital to the growth of our food community. This is why we love to do this, to share what we have seen or learned along the path that brought us to where we are. 

We have an insatiable appetite for cooking and creating food. We love what we do. This is our restaurant. This is our way of cooking what we want to cook. This is how we share the food we love to eat.

This is our chance to taste a meal prepared from the seasons. There is a reason that all great chefs of the world use seasonal, local ingredients. When you stand next to a farmer you work with, and hold a tomato still warm from the sun, or spend a day foraging for mushrooms, inspiration fills you. There is an appreciation that comes from using great products that makes our jobs so much better. We go out of our way to seek the best products, and to honor those who grew them by doing our best at serving them in ways that make food memorable. This is how we create great experiences, traditions, and communities.

Our menus are created and meant to reflect the best  of the season. We have created one of the most interesting and unique dining experiences in the Northwest and you are invited.



Adam Hegsted

Chef & Owner

Ryan Stoy

Chef de Cuisine


Modern American Food & Libations


We use as many local producers and farmers as possible. We strive to keep our food within 450 miles of our restaurant. Constantly searching out anf forging new relationships with the people who live and work the land of the northwest.


Our job is to constantly be searching for the best quality ingredients. It is our commitment to our guests, our craft and to the products with which we let shine. 


This is a key element to our foods. It is something we strive for in the pursuit of perfection. Always questioning what we can take away to let our products show for themselves. What can we do to simplify the products to produce them in an honest way that let’s them be the best they can be.

Family Style
Our food is served family style. This is how we like to eat. Sitting and sharing with each other, not just the food, but our lives and stories./vc_column_text]
Daily Specials

The menu is ever evolving. It changes with the seasons and sometimes those seasons only last days. We are always looking to showcase what’s available in the now.

You Choose the Price

Let the chef know how much you would like to spend per person and we will guide your meal with the best of the season.